A Premium 10-Free Long Lasting Healthy Nail Lacquer Provider




NiJi was formed by Taiwanese-Japanese-American descendants with the goal of creating a comprehensive slate of healthy nail polish products that are as natural & non-toxic as possible. We are women owned & operated family business, and we strike to maintaining a long lasting and best light-weighted application experience while still having the most vibrant & colorful collection/lifestyle at a competitive price.

So what is NIJI?

NiJi //

  1. Rōmaji transcription of にじ, in Kanji.  
  2. The Japanese word for Rainbow.
  3. Wonderful beholder of some kind of wonderful.

Nail colors are the expression of our lives. It is the lifestyle we decided to wear; it is the first impression to be made in the connection between two human being as it identifies the beauty of what lies within.

So be bold and show off your color.





At NIJI, we never tried to cut our expenditure by reducing the amount of pigment used, nor settle for inferior ingredients. We are proud to claim that all of our products are fully pigmented and opaque after 2 coats at most, with many requiring just one coat.

We believe that all details matter, therefore, we hold ourselves to a standard of creating products that we would only love to use ourselves. Every batch is tested and ensured before they are injected into the bottles. From every pigment, every bottle, every bristle, to as tiny as a mixing ball, we strive to provide the best product before it makes its adventure to you. 

We also believe in bringing the best experience of nail polish applications. Our products are fast drying, long-lasting and highly pigmented waterproof material. After drying it feels light-weighted on the nails and odorless within minutes. 





NIJI nail lacquers are 10-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products. Most of the nail lacquers on the market today are only 3-5 free, at most 7 free. As 10-free nail polishes are the most natural in the industry, we at NIJI guarantee in seeking to upgrade our product when better natural ingredients become available. With NIJI, you can be sure that you are getting the most natural product always.





Earlier 2018, the creators of the predecessor has agreed to end the terms. With months of anticipation and hard work re-branding, the reminders are finally able to launch at the end of November, 2018. We take pride to announce the re-birth of the top nail lacquer provider in the present market, NIJI Nail Lacquer. 





When you receive your NIJI products, you will surely notice the product details that we have successfully produced on. We have tried numerous bottle and cap shapes and found that this particular design is the most comfortable to hold and the most space-saving to store. You will also notice the brush being slightly wider than usual, as well as the bristles being very soft and easy to apply. We have included a Jumbo-size mixing ball to make sure it is very easy for you to mix the product evenly.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through our collection. Be sure to look out for new collections, and grab a bottle to try out for yourselves!

Show off your colors,